Pi Network Pioneers Overwhelmingly Support Delisting Pi Coin from Exchanges: A Community in Consensus

A poll done by Newsway not long ago showed that there has been a big change in the Pi Network group. More than 1,100 replies from Pi Network pioneers (people who mine Pi coins) showed that a strong majority (about 61%) wanted to take the network's native token, Pi Coin, off of cryptocurrency exchanges. This result shows that the community agrees with the Core Team's plan to stop using exchange listings in order to get ready for the Open Mainnet upgrade, which is a very important step for the network.

For context, this change needs to be understood. The Pi Network is now in its Enclosed Mainnet phase, and its mobile app has 35 million active users who are mining Pi coins. The planned Open Mainnet upgrade is a big step forward that will make the move to a more open and decentralized network much easier. But inside the Enclosed Mainnet, Pi Network has to follow strict rules that don't allow unauthorized exchange ads or interactions with outsiders.

Even with these rules, some unlicensed exchanges have tried to sell Pi or products that are similar. The Core Team has always spoken out against these kinds of acts, stressing how important it is to follow the rules and keep the project's integrity. They have said again that they will protect the network's interests and keep control of the Pi environment. They have also warned people not to deal with unofficial exchanges and so-called Pi tokens.

The fact that delisting Pi Coin from exchanges has so much support shows that the community trusts the Core Team's guidance. It shows that everyone agrees on the strategic reasons for this choice. Before Pi Coin joins the larger coin market, the Core Team wants to focus on controlled growth and making sure that all regulations are met.

This agreement among people in the community is a good sign for Pi Network's future. By taking Pi Coin off the list, the Core Team can focus on making the Open Mainnet's base strong and safe. It helps create a safe space that will help Pi succeed in the long run.

The poll results also show that everyone in the community has the same ideas about how Pi Network should grow. Stakeholders are still optimistic about Pi's chances of becoming a major player in the cryptocurrency world, led by principles of openness, compliance with regulations, and acceptance by all. The community's trust in the Core Team and their long-term goals improves the network's base, making it easier to move to the Open Mainnet and beyond.

In conclusion, the Newsway poll is a good way to find out how people in the Pi Network group feel. The fact that delisting Pi Coin has a lot of support shows that everyone is behind the Core Team's strategic goal. As the start of Pi Network's Open Mainnet draws near, this community agreement gives people hope and a strong resolve to make the project reach its full potential as a groundbreaking and important cryptocurrency platform.

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