Pi Network Open Mainnet Launch Date Expected in June 2024: Full Analysis

Pi Network Releases Roadmap v1: No Open Mainnet Schedule 

As stated in an earlier statement, Pi Network put out the first version (v1) of its roadmap on October 31. With a main focus on past and present changes in the Pi Network ecosystem, the v1 roadmap gives a full picture of product growth and an easy-to-use interface.

However, a lot of Pioneers are unhappy with this plan because it doesn't talk about the Open Mainnet schedule. It wasn't a surprise because it was made clear in the announcement that the open mainnet plan wouldn't be on any of the roadmaps coming out this year.

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Pioneers Await Mainnet Launch 

A lot of Pioneers are still looking for news about when the open network will be available. Until official news comes out, they will have to rely on rumours.

Based on how Pi Network's big releases have happened in the past, we'll come up with a very likely date for the launch of the Open Mainnet.

Expected Open Mainnet Launch Date 

And with it, the year 2023 is coming to an end. This year, there may not be an open mainnet. To get into the open mainnet, the v2 plan, which won't have a date, will be released in December.

Most of the time, Pi Network releases its most important goods and features on days that are related to Pi. In particular, Pi Day (March 14) and Pi2 Day (June 28) are the most likely times for big things to happen in the Pi Network.

Since Pi Day 2024 is getting closer to December, when the v2 roadmap comes out, it's not likely that the Open Mainnet will start on this day. So, Pi2 Day 2024 might be the best time to start.

Pi Network's Focus on Maturity and KYC Completion 

It is important to look at Pi Network's statement that they will not join the open mainnet until the project is fully developed and most Pioneers have finished their Know Your Customer (KYC) tasks. Since this is the case, the Pi network team might choose to enter the Open Mainnet on a different day than the ones listed above.

Anyone who was keeping track of an earlier countdown for the Mainnet start should change it to June 28, 2024, which is now thought to be the most likely date for the Pi Network Open Mainnet rollout.

Community Speculation on Open Mainnet Launch 

Most of the Pioneers in the area have come up with times similar to the ones we talked about above. @mstor168, a user on X/Twitter, shared a post that made the case for an Open Mainnet start between March and June 2024.

Some Pi Network users, though, think the start might not happen until December 2024 or early 2025.


It's important to remember that Pi Network is meant to be a groundbreaking cryptocurrency project that focuses on long-term goals rather than quick earnings.

People who are Pioneers should be patient with the project if they trust the Pi Core Team's mission and hard work.

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